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Health and Safety in the TopDiggers Office…

We don’t do things by halves at, diggers, excavators, JCBs…health and safety is also a big priority. That’s why Matt in the office takes it upon himself to make sure he’s well covered if a stray lever arch file falls on his head, or a leaky biro bursts on his clothes…

Anyway, here’s Matt saying hello during his mid afternoon tea break. It’s a look that could catch on…maybe.

Health and Safety in the office

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Mini Diggers

mini excavator2

OK, our mini diggers are a little bigger than the one above, but you get our point.

We supply mini diggers up and down the country. They’re normally used at domestic properties in gardens to shift muck and soil. They’re great at manoeuvring around and can fit through narrow spots.

Hire a skip and a mini digger and get your garden sorted for this summer!

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