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Digger Hire UK

OK, so you know we’re the number one at hiring diggers, but did you know that we specialise in digger hire UK?

That’s right. We deliver from John O’Groats to Land’s End and everywhere inbetween. Even those places that sound a bit funny, like Tiddlywinks, Wiltshire and Horsey Windpump in Norfolk…(we actually love visiting those places, the wackier the name, the better!)

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Diggers for Hire

We had a booking for diggers for hire last week. It was a man in Blackpool who needed to shift a few tonnes of soil from one side of the yard to another going through a narrow-ish passage on the way through. We advised him to get a mini digger which is great for those jobs where access is a little tighter than usual.
He got the job doen in half the time and we collected it that afternoon. He said it was the easiest bit of work he’d done in a while!

Give the diggers for hire team a call on 08000 82 80 83.

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